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Bulk Search: Scan thousands of domains and check their availability

Enter a list of domain and check their availability on linkbuilding and digital PR marketplaces. Browse the websites and compare offers.

Competitive Analysis: Neutralize your competitors' link-building strategy

Enter one or more competitors, and Link Finder will extract their backlink profile. You can then purchase their backlinks at the best price to counter their advantage.

Keyword Search: get links on websites ranking for valuable keywords in your niche

Enter one or more keywords. Link Finder will extract all the sites in the SERP and scan them. This way, you can get links from spots that rank in your niche.

Find sites selling links directly on SERPs

Extension Chrome

Create projets and build your link whishlist

Track backlinks and get notified when a link is lost

Easily find forums built with phpbb


Kentin CNS
Kentin CNS
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Great seo tool! You can save a lot of money with it. I'd say that, based on my usage, I save an average of €40 per link given the profile of links I target!
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Link-Finder is awesome. I found so many great links thanks to it.
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I subscribed to Link Finder last week and I already got a return on my investment.
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This tool allow us to increase the impact of our offpage audits with data that really interests customers!
Hugo Baillet
Hugo Baillet
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I just launched a campaign and saved $500. It's awesome.

A valuable resource for the whole SEO community

Sylvain Delaporte
Sylvain DelaporteLinkbuilding expert
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It's integrated into our processes through their API and it's a game changer. Always get the best opportunities for maximum results!
Tremplin Numérique
Tremplin NumériqueNiche edit and link placement seller
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Link Finder allows me to monitor my backlinks and buy links at the best price for my niche websites.
Quentin Clément
Quentin ClémentSales Director at Qwamplify SEO
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Link-Finder is an excellent sales tool. It allows me to prove the netlinking investment of my clients' competitors and thus justify my quotes.
Rodrigue Fenard
Rodrigue FenardFounder of Soumettre
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It's really time for a tool to come out that compares prices across platforms and adjusts them. Just to stop finding such discrepancies, I'm all for it.

Small investment, big savings


For freelancers and niche site owners
15 /month
  • Forums and expired domains
  • 300 results per search
  • 100 backlinks monitored
  • 200 Plugin clicks
  • 50 keyword searches
  • 20 competitive analyses
  • Scan 3 competitors in bulk
  • Bulk Keyword Search
  • SERP Scanneer


For small agencies and online businesses
49 /month
  • Forums and expired domains
  • 1000 results per search
  • 500 backlinks monitored
  • 1000 Plugin clicks
  • 250 keyword searches
  • 100 competitive analyses
  • Scan 15 competitors in bulk
  • Scan 20 keywords in Bulk
  • 20 SERP Scanner


For an almost unlimited use of Link Finder
99 /month
  • Forums and expired domains
  • 30000 results per search
  • 2000 backlinks monitored
  • 5000 Plugin clicks
  • 2000 keyword searches
  • 500 competitive analyses
  • Scan 40 competitors in bulk
  • Scan 100 keywords in Bulk
  • 50 SERP Scanner

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How often is your database updated?

The database will be updated once a month.

Customer support is available on our Discord server. You’ll find access to the server directly on the tool. You can also contact us via our contact form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

We are open to working with any linkbuilding platform. We’ll need an API that lists your sites and rates.

To start a collaboration, please contact us via Twitter or fill in the contact form.

We offer one free search to demonstrate the power of our tool. Our demo showcases all the functionalities available. Additionally, we provide a satisfaction guarantee with a refund policy.

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